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Local Neighborhood Bakery

We are family owned and operated since 2014.

Our goal is to create baked goods that are both beautiful and delicious using simple and natural ingredients.

About Us

Baker Jay and I (Danielle) own and operate Rise Up Bakery.  We opened our doors in December 2014 and are so grateful for the support we've received from the Gilbert community.  We feel blessed that we get to make our living working together and pursuing our passion.  On most days, you will find Jay at the bakery with a smile on his face as he mixes dough, rolls out cinnamon rolls and shapes croissants.  Although I do spend time at the bakery, most of the time I'm at home crunching numbers, managing social media accounts and experimenting with new recipes.  In addition to us, we have some amazing staff that help us bake and take care of our customers.  We couldn't do it without them.  

Our Goal

Our goal is to be your friendly neighborhood bakery.  We want you to walk in and be overwhelmed by the aroma of fresh baking bread, cinnamon rolls and cookies.  We want your knees to buckle and your eyes to roll back in your head because you can’t believe how good everything tastes.  We aren’t satisfied with selling baked goods that are just good.  They’ve got to be amazing.  We make everything we sell from scratch right in our bakery every day using only the finest ingredients.  Come in and taste for yourself!

Love and Community

We love our customers and the things they're involved in.  We've participated in multiple high school fund raisers and given many tours of the bakery to scout groups, school groups and church groups.  

At the end of every day, we donate all our leftover baked goods to St. Vincent de Paul's homeless shelter. We believe in loving your neighbor! :)